I recently read an article on the real estate website,, written by John Salustri. In it, he discusses the changing office environment. There were several points made in the article I felt would be good for you to know. Commercial space is trending away from the traditional office environment to more open, collaborative work spaces. This phenomena is not necessarily just in the tech world either, many types of businesses seem to moving in this direction. Are you thinking about changing your office space with your next lease? Do you want to try something different to increase productivity or just to modernize the feel of your work environment? If so, here are a few key points from the article to keep in mind as you think about the best work space for your company:

• think ahead; build as much future-tech into your space as possible, including a technological backbone that allows maximum flexibility for future adaptation

• even though telecommuting is still in vogue, a trend is for employees to come back to the office environment, balancing the ability to work remotely with the greater need for collaboration and interaction

• think about the various departments in your company, do some want a more open collaborative environment, and do others still look for a more traditional space? Some businesses may need both

• the office footprint per employee continues to shrink, instead being replaced by larger, more open space

• changing demographics of the work force; the millennials are more willing to embrace technology and have no frame of reference for the traditional status of the private office, whereas the older workforce may still be more comfortable with an office

It is definitely an interesting read that will get you thinking about how you want to conduct your business in the future, and how that will impact your office environment. Click on the link below to read the entire article. As usual, if you have questions about your current office lease or would like to discuss how to make yours a more productive office environment, please do not hesitate to contact me at 760-445-9908760-445-9908.

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