SportRX is one of Botticelli Realty Advisors’ most recent clients


I would like to introduce Dan Bruton, the President of SportRX, one our most  recent clients.  I worked with Dan to help them find new, updated space for their sales and marketing offices here in San Diego.  SportRX is the leader in sports prescription eye wear.  They will take any prescription and specially manufacture the lenses in their Los Angeles facility.  The lenses can be for any type and brand of eye wear; and I mean any…from everyday glasses, to cycling or golf sunglasses, scuba diving masks, motorcycle goggles, just to name a few.

Dan was kind enough to say a few words about the work we did for SportRX, and I invite you to watch the video.  Dan knows exactly where he wants to take his company and I’m glad Botticelli Realty Advisors was able to play a part in realizing that vision.

Thank you,

Brian Lukacz


Plan Ahead for Success in 2014

Plan ahead for a successful 2014

Plan ahead for a successful 2014

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are excited about the prospects of the new year.  Like most people, I spent these last few weeks planning the things I hope to accomplish in 2014. Planning ahead is critical to any successful endeavor.  If your company’s lease is expiring in the second half of 2014, now is the time to plan ahead, even if you know you want to stay in your current location!  Continue reading